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Dating Stanley Spokeshaves

Feb 2, 2011. I have an old Stanley 151M flat soled spokeshave that works quite well. up a Stanley 151 on Sawmill Creek Jeff Peachey does a dating type.

Date published 2017-08-02. Rated 4 out of 5 by RedneckRocketScientist from I bought this STANLEY Spokeshave with Flat Base to hand carve full-size ornamental airplane prope. Dating Dating stanley spokeshaves. Click on link to view. Jeff Peachey does a dating type study of 151 spokeshaves and other great info on using them. Below is a list of Record Planes and Spoke Shaves by their product number, along with the appropriate links to their individual pages. NOTE If a plane has no link. Apr 23, 2011. Fact I bought my Stanley 151 malleable iron spokeshave in 1965. I have used it almost every day for 46 years. Fact Woodworkers for a. Old Stanley 51 spokeshave - posted in Carving Tools Hi, all, Dont know if thus belongs here, or on OT. Was digging around in my grandfathers tool chest a few days.

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Planes made by Stanley 1869-1872.. dating from 1921-1922,. The begining of the end for Stanley bench planes,. Sargent Iron Spokeshaves. No.. The precise dating of the iron spokeshaves sold by Sargent is not known.. sargent plane no514 stanley 62 very rarecomplete. Nov 17, 2014.. study-of-stanley-151-spokeshaves Kirk in HMB, CA, not sure I have any. shaves that I think they have no value at all for dating the shave. Stanley Planes, Scrapers Spokeshaves. Bailey iron planes. Marked No.6. Type 2 - MILLED PATENT DATE TYPE. Type Stanley Spokeshave 1899. and the b marks in the castings might narrow the dating even. Type Stanley Spokeshave 1899-1902 1 67 Rare Flat Marking Bottom. GENERAL DATING. Early 20th C. Shaves tend to have a partial chamfer around the top of the keyholes. 20 thoughts on Towards a Type Study of Stanley 151 Spokeshaves. Type studies are useful in dating, determining chronology and rarity of manufactured tools.. 18 thoughts on Towards a Type Study of Stanley 151 Spokeshaves Apr 19, 2012. The heart-shape is a memorial to The Stanley Works long-time. The final logo, dating from 1923-1932, is similar to the second, but the top of. Looking around for some spokeshaves now a) some Records Ive seen are painted red and some blue, some just arent painted (or appear not to. Offered is a Stanley 62 Reversible Spoke Shave. Manufactured from the years 1877-1923. Measures 10 in length and features twin facing cutters, both of which are. STANLEY 12-951 SpokeShave with Flat Base The Stanley Works, originally a bolt and door hardware manufacturing company located in New Britain. Stanley 67 universal spokeshave. offered 1897 - 1941. 9 14 long with 1 78 cutter. Often missing one sole (round or straight) and the small fence.

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Antique Stanley Tools for sale.. ST160529 Number 60 Double Spokeshave A nice clean as found example with sweetheart marked irons. Some toolbox wear. An Index of Various Spokeshaves or The StanleyBailey Spokeshave Index. Starting December 2008 - Im on holidays at the beach, its been storming and. Fact The 151 or similar metal-cast spokeshave have been in every carpenters and furniture makers tool boxes for a century. Fact I bought my Stanley 151. A Sample of Stanley Tools available at. A Stanley No 7 Jointer Plane, Type 14, 1929 to. A Stanley No 60 Double Cutter Spokeshave, with cutting irons.